Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to check-in, relax and prepare for your service. Should you arrive late, your appointment time will still end at its scheduled ending time in order to keep on schedule for the next guest’s appointment.

Upon your arrival, we will check you in and, based on the type of service(s) you are receiving, provide you with an intake form to complete. This form is meant to provide your technician with all of the relevant information he or she will need to know to best serve you in your treatment. Please be sure to indicate any health information or medical conditions such as illness, high blood pressure, allergies, heart ailments or pregnancy. This form may also be printed out from our website here, filled out in advance and brought to the appointment to save time.

The esthetician will show you to your room and provide you with a towel and/or robe. You will be instructed to remove any clothing from the waist up (waist down is optional), put on the provided towel/robe, and lay down on the facial bed. The esthetician will step out of the room to give you a few minutes to get ready, and will knock on the door before entering the room. No matter what type of facial you choose, the service will begin with a skin evaluation to determine the right products for your skin type. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and blemishes extracted* depending on which service you select. To see individual descriptions of what each treatment entails please see our Facials page. After your facial is done, the esthetician will leave the room to allow you to get dressed. When you are done, you may leave your towel/robe on the bed. You can expect your skin to look and feel amazing. If you’d like, you can apply makeup afterwards—it will go on very smoothly!

During this treatment, you will experience a sting on your skin, and depending on where you are receiving your treatment, it might be more painful in some areas than others. However, our technicians are extremely experienced and endeavor to make it as quick and painless as possible, followed by soothing, anti-inflammatory Yon-Ka® cream.

Before your treatment begins, the massage therapist will direct you to your room and ask you a few questions regarding your health and concerns. The massage therapist will outline what will happen in the session and then leave the room so you can undress to your comfort level. When you are ready, you lie down on the massage table and cover yourself with the sheet. The massage therapist will knock before re-entering. Make sure you are comfortable and let the massage therapist know if you are not. Nature sound effects or relaxing music will be playing in the room. Be sure to let the massage therapist know if you prefer different music or no music at all. If you like to talk during the session or prefer not to, the massage therapist will follow your lead. After the massage, the massage therapist will step out of the room to allow you to redress. A glass of water will be waiting for you- it is important to drink plenty of water after a massage to wash out released toxins in the body.

Before any treatment begins, please be sure to let the technician, esthetician or therapist know if any areas need special attention. For example, during your massage, please don’t hesitate to express any discomfort to your therapist, as well as any preferences which will make your experience more enjoyable, such as music volume, massage pressure, bed temperature or a change in position. For your facial, be sure to let your esthetician know of any areas of concern that need special attention. This is your time for optimal relaxation and therapeutic benefits, and we want to make sure we cater to your individual needs!